Abuse of Police Power

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In an ideal world, the police would do what they are meant to do – protect and serve. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples. Our local news all too often report events of abuses that crush the spirit of the average America.

While the vast majority of police officers do help their local communities in whatever way they can, there have been far too many incidents that involve officers of the law taking advantage of their power, abusing it and violating the constitutional rights of others.

All of the following are considered an abuse of power and can often result in bringing a civil lawsuit against the officer or employing City in question:

  • False imprisonment.
  • Arrest without probable cause.
  • The planting of evidence at a crime scene in an attempt to secure a criminal conviction.
  • Unnecessary or excessive use of force when apprehending an alleged offender.
  • The use of cruel and unusual punishment for an alleged offense.
  • Illegal searches, be they personal searches or searches of a property without the correct warrant.
  • The seizure of any property that is not related to the alleged crime or property that is unlawfully seized by the government and not returned.

These abuses of power have to stop, which is where the Law Offices of Matthew Rabban can help. We fight for the rights of those who have had their rights and privileges trampled on by an overzealous police force that often acts in direct violation of the United States Constitution.

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